Monday, April 12, 2021

Sewing Weekend and more

 Good afternoon! I had to update that since I'm finally getting back here to finish this post and it is 1pm. Today has been 6 miles long already.

Trevor is doing school from home today since he was sick last week. He had a sore throat all weekend still but didn't seem to be like super bad. 

 Totally overslept this morning. I stayed up late working on my project and watching The Pianist. I had to wait until the movie was over to go to bed since I was so far into it. Such a good movie but so terribly sad.

I pretty much sewed all weekend. Friday night I finished up this huge pile of mug cozies I started like 2 weeks ago.  I still need to put them on my boards for my craft show but I think I'm going to go through all my boxes and organize them a bit for Saturday anyways.

Then I made a mask order for my sister in law (and 4 more black ones for another person). Lodi Unified School district went back to school today. From online to FULL DAY starting today. Kind of crazy. My nieces were excited to go back to school though. Hope it goes well for them and my nephews.

After masks I worked on some mug rugs. My friend had requested "Spring Mug Rugs" in pink, green and yellows so this is what I ended up making. I always start off all straight lines on these and then get wonky towards the end lol. They are like a painting being made as you go. I really like the way they turned out and will probably make up some more with the rest of the fabric I have. My friend decided to buy them all!

Sunday afternoon I went for a ride to deliver the masks and then stopped by Target. Can you believe they sell plants in tin cans? So funny to me. Like if I'm going to buy something why would I buy something I could just make myself with a soup can? Stupid.

I also took a picture of these flowers outside In & Out, I really like the orange. Maybe some day I'll get my yard going again.

After working on mug rugs I was trying to decide what I wanted to do next so ended up sorting my scraps out and cleaned up a bag of pink scraps into some crumb blocks. 

I'm getting a bit of a stack going now!

Some sister cuddling in the window sill. Also I should clean out the bottom of my light there. Gross.

I decided to make some more mug rugs last night and got these three done. I have 2 more I think to finish up with the butterfly fabric. It is fun to do a series with them.

My aunt posted this picture from siblings day on FB with my mom and her siblings. We literally don't talk to any of them anymore. My Uncle Ronnie bottom left has come over for masks a few times (his wife does FB and keeps the communication going a bit). My uncle Randy upper left lives by me and every once in awhile I'll talk to him for like 3 minutes. My aunt on the upper right I see every few years in the grocery store or Target and we'll chat for a minute. My mom (bottom) looks so young in this picture. Actually they all do. I think I was about 11 when they took this (we did a cousins one at the same time with my me and my brothers and my cousin Randy II. So probably about 1985 or so.

Back then it was every holiday at Grandma's house and swimming in the summer in Grandma's pool. I can't smell coconut tanning lotion without thinking of my aunts laying out. Sad that the family falls apart after the matriarch dies and the family falls apart. Happened on both sides of the family. 

Anyhow, hopefully today will get better than it started. We shall see! All caught up on my work now so I guess I'll go make some lunch :)
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