Friday, June 10, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! I'm losing my ever loving mind listening to the other department use a SUPER FUCKING LOUD tape gun all morning. Seriously so loud.

Yesterday we had a work meeting teleconference and I found out they are changing my job from being just my office to an area job (along with everyone else in my position). It changes in October and I will have a new boss (who I know already) and some things will change but the more I think about it, probably not all that much. Plus they are making another position that can actually get paid more but I'm sure the people that area already doing that job will be first in line for that one.  So that is fun and gives me anxiety.

I got off work 2 hours early by using my early release day from Memorial Day weekend and went over to my friend Carolyn's house to go swimming. All my kiddos came (minus the boyfriends) so we had a nice time swimming and hanging out. This boy is such a FISH! He can just swim with his little floaty on and puts his face in the water and everything. I was saying we should take the floaty off and see what he does but no one else agreed lol. I'm pretty sure he'll just swim off. Definitely going to have to put him in swim team, he is amazing!

We stayed ti almost 10 and then I just went home and passed out. Simon did good being home without us just had to clean up some poo piles. Today Trevor and I are both at work so hopefully she does ok.  

It's supposed to be 105 today which means nothing since the AC in my office is super efficient and usually too cold. The biggest thing is at night if the house didn't get cooled off enough.  Hopefully it won't be miserable tonight. 

I have no plans for the weekend but waiting for miss Lillian to arrive. I will be really surprised if she makes it to her scheduled c section date of the 22nd.  We'll see if she makes it through the weekend!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Get that gorgeous boy in a swimming class!! I bet he will take to this easily and he can still wear his wings but you'll all feel better if he learns to swim. My sister did this with one of her kids in the summer so she could be cool too. she was in the pool. She made me laugh. She said I have no A/C so this was good for me for an hour too. :-)

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