Sunday, June 26, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Although I'm not too happy that I have to work tomorrow. Booo Hisss. I'm coughing my head off though so might see if I can work from home. I need to go hit the inhaler and take some allergy meds. That seems to help.

This morning I had dog pee on my bed, ants in the kitchen and a hyper puppy eating all kinds of stuff she's not supposed to. Wooohoo. So the dishes are washed and the first load of bedding is in the washer. Thank God for waterproof mattress pads. AND to boot redoing half this post because it disappeared and didn't publish.

Yesterday I worked on my patchwork zip bags. I got almost done but started tossing a few things and just saved the last couple to do later because I was tired of them.

My fan club

Simon would like to be my lap dog.

Last night I started cleaning up all the crap in on my desk. So much stuff from my neighbor lady that died, the other neighbor bringing me all that stuff, some stuff from the thrift store and stuff I pulled out from my shed! I'm drowning. 

This is majorly improved from yesterday haha

I started cutting some larger pieces of fabric down to sell. I will keep a small piece and sell the rest of the ones I like. I am thinking of going through my book case that has the large pieces of fabric and doing the same with those but that would be dumb to start before all the loose stuff I have around. My goal is to get 50 pieces down then list them on the Facebook destashing group. Hopefully that still works since FB keeps making things difficult. I have a bunch of patterns too. I will probably just try to resell them there first and then put what is left on my Etsy. 

I asked Trevor if he wanted to go to the store for us. He said maybe. Hoping he decides to go since we are out of everything. I don't really want to go myself since I'm coughing. We might have to just eat potatoes for dinner haha. And yes I know I overthink going to the grocery store WAY too much.

Ok hopefully this works this time!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I hate grocery shopping so much and even more putting it all away.
I used to go to my grocery store's website and get it delivered. I could go down aisle by aisle, which was helpful since I knew the store so well. But I don't have that here sadly. It's small here and I'm used to a big city so this has been an adjustment. Also because I live far out no one delivers here, no door dash for us. :-(
I should of had kids and my trevor could go fetch for me. :-)

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