Saturday, June 25, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! This morning I asked my son what time he was working today and he told him he had quit his job. So guess no alone time for me for a bit. Nice.. Hopefully he gets into some community college program he says he applied for.

Anyhow! I finished all my tote bags yesterday! I did the last 2 with the fusible fleece and they are way thinner. Definitely like the other batting better but they are all done.

The last string blocks one

and then these 2 have the 1 1/2" strips

Today I am going to work on all the zip bags to finish off the stuff from this project! I don't think I'll finish it all but maybe.

My head was so congested last night I found my nose spray (flonase) and used it and went to bed. I woke up with the worst headache and had to get up to take some ibuprofen. I still have a little bit of the headache left but all the congestion is gone. So weird. I am doing a little bit of coughing but hopefully that will be done real quick.

I got all the clothes washed yesterday I just have to put them away. I need to wash my bedding today too. Currently I have the sprinkler going. My yard looks absolutely horrible. Oh and I got everything off the front porch finally yesterday too. Just need to go through the stuff that was leftover from the yard sale and decide what to do with it. I did a little bit yesterday. Some stuff went into the trash. Some stuff I'll keep and some stuff with get donated I think!

Tina says it's a great day to relax ;)

I think for my next sewing project when I finish this is to put the backing on the denim quilt top I had made. I already washed the backing so I just need to sew it together. Shouldn't take too long. 

I still don't have any groceries. Might send the kid now since he's unemployed...

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