Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Good morning happy hump day already! Gotta love a short week. I'm going to telework tomorrow and Friday so this is my last day of having to get dressed haha.

Yesterday I took myself to lunch at the "hot plate" Mexican restaurant down the road. So good and cheaper than Carl's Jr. 

After work I came home and cleaned up puppy messes, took the dogs out, fed them all (and the cats) and then started to work on this mess that I made for myself. Wrapping that big bag of mostly batiks on cards. I think I've decided to just organize it all and then later I'll go through and destash here and there.  I didn't get too far when Jess and little Daniel came over to visit. She was trying to take a break but he was like Rambo throwing all the toys around. I think I am going to box up all the toys in little sets and just leave one set out at a time so he can't throw EVERYTHING on the floor at once. Seems less stressful lol. Doesn't bother me all that much but his mom gets upset. She didn't stay too long and then they walked home. Hopefully he got wore out a bit lol.

I got some more done and then my friend and I went for a ride to pick up some dinner since I forgot to take something out. Had to make a deposit at the gas station. Almost $6 a gallon at the cheap gas station. It is insane. When does it stop?

I finished with 2-3 stacks left to put on the cards. Hopefully I'll get that done tonight.

Recharging. I swear she's doubled in size in a week.

Tina enjoying this gross box I need to throw out lol

This weekend they are doing a club wide garage sale so I'm hoping to pull more junk out of the shed to put out. I was going to put my craft booth stuff out too. Might be fun. We'll see if anyone actually drives around. Looks like the weather isn't going to be too hot too.

Scott spent his morning trying to find his mom's teeth. I'm not sure if he ever found them or just gave up. I don't know why it is so easy for her to lose her teeth when she barely moves off the bed.  I told Scott they are probably on her body somewhere. She loves to wrap them up in her shirt and be like "oh I forgot". Seems like a good tactic to get him to stay home with her today.

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