Thursday, June 30, 2022


Good morning happy Friday eve!
Yesterday I was busy all day long working on my fabric sales and working from home for work also. I made about $170 from my post I put up on Tuesday night. Another almost two hundred dollars to put on the credit card bill! I've got less than 2k on there now so it will be gone before we know it. Then I'm down to a small parent student loan (what's left is small compared to where it started lol) and my car. Then I'll be debt free woohoo.

Yesterday there was a fire that went really close to where my mom's cabin is (where Jess lives). I went over to see how bad it was and ended up standing out  there for like an hour. I of course got a bit sunburnt. Sheesh. 

This is standing on the porch, the fire is one street over and then behind the levee. It was a bit windy too so that was scary.

Here is a picture that the fire dept posted on FB. They said it was 10 acres.  The boonies as we all it is pretty much burnt out. The last time this area caught on fire they used a helicopter to dip into the river.  This time they just had a bunch of fire/water trucks.

After work I went and got Daniel to come play, this is the chaos haha

Miss Lillian all snuggled up when I went to get him

and yesterday I finally saw all the tiny kittens that are living on the side of our garage. We get so many feral kittens over there. Maybe some day we'll get rid of all Scott's crap so it won't be so tempting for them with all the places to hide. They are adorable though. I think I counted 5 of them. If I wasn't dealing with puppy stuff I'd try to catch them to do some fix and release/rehome/tame but I've got enough chaos going on right now.

TG the construction stuff at work isn't too loud today. I've had a headache all morning. Probably dehydrated from my hour of sun yesterday. Plus Aunt Flo just showed up. Fun times! Some day that witch will leave me alone haha.

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Annsterw said...

Oh my Julie you have your hands full!! Kids are awesome but they sure do go from one thing they are not allowed to touch to another thing they are not allowed to touch really quickly!!! HA! Such a cutie though!!!! Cudos to making $200 by getting rid of stuff you no longer need! That's wonderful! Debt free is definitely the way to go - especially in these times now! I am going to need you to bring me those kitties!! I am in love!! I have begun to think about getting a kitten but I am so afraid it will change the house dynamic for the kitty fights, etc. But, if you send them to me, well then it is not a decision I made...simply kitties I HAD to take in! LOL! Have a safe and happy 4th!!! Hugs

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