Thursday, June 2, 2022


Good morning happy work at home Thursday! I am teleworking today and Friday and now probably Monday too since the girl who sits on the other side of the cube wall from me tested positive for covid. I worked with her for like an hour on Tuesday I think. Never even saw her face so hopefully her germs didn't float about.  But that means I can work at home for 5 days. I jinxed myself earlier in the week saying that maybe I should just say I got exposed so I could telework and just like magic it actually happened.  I'm not too worried about it though since I didn't really have contact with her.

Look at Lucy looking all pretty. She still hates the puppy lol

Yesterday after work I was so tired so I laid on the bed for a bit and had a puppy pile.

Why do they all like me? Always the mama I guess!

I didn't get anything done last night other than being lazy and hanging out. Someone coordinated a neighbor garage sale for Saturday so I'm going to try and get some stuff pulled out for it. Hopefully some people actually come to buy stuff. Jess is going to the beach today so we traded cars. Hers is getting tired and the other car they have uses a lot of gas. Since it's like $6 a gallon plus that's painful!

We've had so many people die around us recently. So weird. My neighbor's mom died yesterday. So sad. She had had the bad covid last year or so.  I imagine that had done some damage to her. She wasn't feeling well and then fell and I guess had a stroke. Then my aunt's mom wasn't doing well either and had a heart attack at the hospital and died. Rough for my cousins since they were super close to that Grandma, she practically raised them.

Today will probably be a slower work day since I'm at home and have to wait for emails. Although I have a couple online training things I need to do so I should get those out of the way. Already working on laundry and got the dishes ready to wash. Here is to a productive day!

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