Friday, June 24, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! It is my last day off boohoo.

I am sick still and have a runny nose and a bit of coughing. I just took an allergy pill to see if that helps a bit (it did yesterday). Last night I was digging through my medicine to find something before bed and everything left expired in 19 or 20. Time to refill the medicine basket. I took another Covid test last night and still negative so just a cold for sure.

Yesterday I watched Daniel for several hours, we watched a bunch of movies, Luca (I only half paid attention to that one but he watched a good portion), Aristocats which he loved and Peter Pan. 

He cracked me up he was dipping this toy with a hat into ranch and then licking it off. I was like that's kind of gross but I guess it's ok haha.

Little guy zooming haha, he did this for a really long time! It is too hot here to play outside so this was one way to use up some energy. Today's forecast is 102. It's been in the hundreds for a few days and supposed to stay there until Tuesday which says 97 so not much better.

Simon resting on me haha. I kept falling asleep while watching a movie and Trevor asked me if I was drugged or something. No just 48...

After I took him home I finished working on my brown bag, this one ended up long and skinny

and a zip bag and coin bag out of the leftovers

This morning Snookie decided she wanted to either kick Simon's ass or be a puppy, not sure which one lol. Yes that is my underwear on the floor they didn't start off there. Thanks Simon!

Today's plan is I have one more bag to sew up with the batting I have. I was thinking I might just use the fusible batting I have for the remainders since I have a bunch of that. That way I don't have to go buy anything or go out. Debating on going to the store real quick or doing another Instacart order. The prices are jacked up a bit for Instacart but it is nice not to have to go out. Plus someone else is getting some money to do my shopping for me too so it is helping someone else out right?

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love your instacart theory!! I understand falling asleep during the movie. I've tried twice to stay awake for this movie and decided it was the movie. Lol

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