Sunday, October 18, 2009

Famoso Raceway Weekend

This weekend we drove down to the Bakerfield area (about 3 hours) to go to the Famoso Raceway . A guy that Scott knows from work (that comes into his shop) races those big long drag race cars. Sorry can't remember the name but they are really long and REALLY loud.

We started off by leaving not too long after the kids went to school on Friday and stopped for breakfast not too long after we got on the road. Then we made the trek down there with nothing exciting happening. Lots of chatting and getting a long just fine, which was great!!

We got to the hotel, the Marriott Convention Center without too much excitement, even though Google Maps took us through the scenic route to get there. When I checked in I was asked how I wanted to pay for the room. I thought I had already paid for it through AAA since I put in my credit card and it was approved and such when I booked it. I reluctantly gave the info again and then when I got up to the room I called AAA and the hotel was correct that they just used my credit card to hold the room and didn't actually charge it.

Back to the room. As soon as we got inside we were hit with a musty smell. Odd since everything was so nice, big beautiful bed and nice and clean. I never did find the source of the smell. I'm wondering if it was in the air conditioning or something.

After taking our stuff to the hotel and getting situated we went out to the raceway where we bought 3 day passes for $55 each. OUCH. But it's his birthday weekend so it's ok!! Got our tickets and walked around until we found racer guy in line waiting for his turn to qualify. It was going to be awhile so we walked around and checked out all the cars in the Hot Rod area. Lots of cool looking cars!!

We stuck around and watched a few drag races but there seemed to be more time in between the races cleaning up accidents and spills than actual races!! At one point we went over and talked to the racer guy and his girl friend and Scott got to help reload the parachutes on his race car. Kind of cool. I felt slightly out of place just standing around by their race car just watching. Plus it was hot so I was pretty happy when they said I could sit in their chairs under their shade tent.

So that was about the excitement at the track on Friday. Well if you don't count splitting an $8 tri tip sandwich. Those places sure know how to hit you with the expensive food.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped and had dinner at Marie Callenders. I had a yummy Tostada Salad and a cup of chili and some cornbread. It was YUMMM-O!! Scott had the soup and salad.

Saturday we got up nice and early (since someone fell asleep so early they were up nice and early!), and hit McD's for some breakfast.  Off to the race track. IT'S  HOT. HOT HOT HOT. I made it a few hours then thought that I was going to die. I finally talk him into taking me back to the hotel and tell him he can come back after he drops me off (hotel is like 20 miles away). So he does. I take a nap. Watch TV. Play on my phone. Decide I'm starving.

Take a dollar and some change out to the lobby and go find the soda machine I saw. Ick Pepsi. Oh well it's good enough. Put my dollar in, it takes it, put my change in, fucker spits it out. Wouldn't give me my dollar back OR a freaking soda. FINE WHATEVER. Get in the elevator and go down to the lobby. Check out menu for restaurant. Every dish is $20. Walk down the street and the only place with any type of food is a bar. Um no not going there by myself all sunburned and looking beat up. Back up to the hotel room. Text Scott asking if he's planning on staying much longer?? Did he eat dinner?? Says not much longer, he'll pick me up and we'll go eat.

HOURS later he finally gets there. Of course I'm totally watching Slumdog Millionaire (that I've never seen before). Finally drag myself away from the movie and we head out to find something to eat. Kind of looking for a Denny's. Can't find one but found an El Torito's. Had a nice dinner (at 9:30!). Go back to the room.
Sunday get up, lay around watching TV. He wants to go to the race track to get his "money's worth" since we bought the 3 day pass. We go and stay for about an hour and it's even more hot than the day before so thankfully he decided to not hang around too long. He got his souveneir t-shirt and we are on our way home. WOOPPEEEE

So that was my nice "mini vacation".

Glad to be home!!Pin It

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