Friday, October 30, 2009

October Yard Update

Can you believe October is over already!!

This month we added some tree stakes after the huge wind storm we had. 
The petunias either have or are in the process of going to seed. I pulled out a bunch of them yesterday.
Little alyssum seedlings are popping up all over.
I took a few out of the middle of the bricks and replanted them in "better" places.

I still need to pull out the grass on the right there, that's the driveway area that we are going to rock.
Sadly my landscape place I was getting all my rock from just closed!!
Hopefully I can find another one close by that has the same rock.

Still working on the area on the right here.
The plan is for bricks in that framed in area with the walkway going to it in the little rocks.
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