Friday, October 2, 2009

It's cold and his pants are small...

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Do you all have drama of some sort every morning? It seems like we always have SOMETHING that happens in the mornings!! Today it was Trevor's pants. It's finally cooled off a bit here, although it did it in a hurry going from 102 the other day to 80 the next and then the 70's the day after that!! Crazy!! So us California people must dig in the closet and find those jeans we haven't worn since March or so! This morning we found out that all of Trevor's jeans are too small!! So we found some shorts for him to wear and I promised him I'd buy him some jeans after school today.

So after school, off we go to Target. This is what I love about boys:

Me: do you care what kind of jeans we get?? (eyeing the $7 store brand sale jeans)

Him: no, not really.

Me: YES!

So I grabbed a few sizes and we went in to the dressing room to find out what size he wears. Most of his jeans he had at home were size 7, with a few 8's. So I picked up some 8 husky (just in case) and some 10's. The 8 husky's were HUGE in the waist and almost too short and the 10's fit great. So my boy pretty much skipped the whole size 8's and went straight to the 10's!! He's SIX. Crazy. Obviously he's going to take after his daddy!!

I picked up 5 pairs of jeans @ $7 each, what a score, I spend that much total on one pair of jeans for Jessica! I'm sure he'll get to that point sometime too, just glad it's not now!!Pin It


Barb said...

Lucky you! Unfortunately my son (7th grade) is VERY conscious as to what he is wearing, especially the shoes. I hate paying $65 for shoes. I don't pay that for my own!

~Sheila~ said...

$7 pair of jeans! I might need to be checking out the target clothing line instead of the walmart one for a min.

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