Monday, March 8, 2010

Another day in paradise!

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day! I wish our weather was like that all the time. Nice sunny sky with just a gentle breeze. A sweatshirt if you are holding still or a t shirt if you are working. Which I did. Lots of working in the yard. I pulled out the grass all around the soon to be brick area and started working on where the new path is going to be. Trevor entertained himself by making a "stew" of tree leaves, weeds, mud and whatever else he could find. That lead him and Melissa over to the field where they ended up staying for a couple of hours.

Can you spot them? They had a great time playing out in that tall grass. It was like a big nature fort!

I worked a bit on my "design" for the side of the house since the area I'm working on now leads into it. I like measuring everything out and transferring it to graph paper.

Scott and I snuck off to Home Depot and got the rest of the wood we need to finish the pathways. I toured the garden center and came home with NO PLANTS! I must be ill! Really though I didn't see anything that I really wanted. I'm trying to figure out how I want to plant around the brick area, and once we get the rest of the paths in that is going to be more flower beds so I was trying to decide what I want to put in those areas. All I got was some Miracle Grow soil and a bag of bark!

 I was hoping I could get Scott to at least get the boards cut when we got home, but it was dinner time (picked up Chinese YUM) and then there was only a little bit of time left before the sun went down, which of course was filled by him watching TV.

I can't imagine sitting inside all day when it's so beautiful outside!

After it got dark I hung up some new curtains I picked up for the little kid's room and finally hooked up the big TV that my friend gave us. I've been paying for Direct TV for their bedroom for about  a year without actually using it because their old TV likes to shut itself off after you watch it for a few minutes. I thought my mom was going to get them one for Christmas but she changed her mind. I mentioned that to my friend and she said they had one that they didn't use that we could have. The kids are in awe of the big tv in their room, which FINALLY freed up the one in the living room. Scott was laying on our bed reading a book (Crazy I know) so I actually got to watch TV! It was only mildly interrupted by Trevor wrestling with the dog.

Since I pretty much had the room to myself I started cleaning on commercials. I finally took a picture of the piano and put it on Craigslist in the free section. I had 3 people interested this morning so I'm hoping someone comes and picks it up. 

I called the first guy this morning and got a voice mail so we'll see if he calls me back.

I ended up staying up until 12:30 last night cleaning. It was so nice to get up this morning to a clean picked up house. No one else seemed to notice that the cleaning fairy came while they were sleeping. It would have been  nice if someone would have at least said it looked nice!
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Sarah said...

You know if having a clean house didn't feel so good I would say screw it! I clean and it is just like throwing the trash away..nobody even notices. Peeeeeves me! Looks good. I remember playing in fields out there and NEVER thinking there might be a snake. Glad I was naive back then! :O)

Chris H said...

I can't see the kids in the grass!
Gorgeous day for sure.
Hope you get rid of the piano.
No plants! That's not like you!
Can't wait to see new photos of your yard once you get flowers again!

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