Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick way to weight loss

Well Monday was fun. After a day filled of work and softball I made it to line dancing. I had a drink with my friend right before and soon started feeling kind of ill. I went home and was soon hit by a full blown stomach flu. I have not been that sick in I don't know how long. I thought I was going to pass out a few times.

After a mere 5 hours of emptying out the contents of my stomach I finally fell asleep. Lucky for me Scott took pity on me and made the kids lunches and got Jess off to the bus. I still had to take the little kids but it wasn't quite as painful as it could have been, although Trevor acted like it was pure torture to have to get out of the car before the bus was actually in sight. The horrors!

I went back home and slept on and off. The good part was I actually got my book club book finished. I also found out that the dog likes to eat bananas (he snagged them off the counter) and likes to get into mischief all day long. Unfortunetly I had to get up and shower so I could pick up Jess and get her to softball practice and Trevor to baseball practice. I would have just said fuck it all but I didn't want to hear the drama from the girl.

I'm finally feeling quite a bit better after eating lunch today. I'm just hoping the kids don't get it now, although I know that's probably inevitable!Pin It


Chris H said...

Life goes on ... even if you are ill... when you are a mother... worst luck!
Good to know you are feeling better.

Annsterw said...

I just had the flu also - it was brutal and now I am finally returning to normal - feel better soon!

Retro Girl said...

I had that a few weeks ago, and don't wish it on my worst enemy! Ugh! I'm behind in reading blogs...and am jumping around a bit. Hope by now you are back to your fab and feisty self!

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