Friday, October 22, 2010

It's almost party time, you know what that means..

Oh man peeps. I'm tired!! But I'm wired. I've been cleaning and mowing and scrubbing and dusting and raking and washing. Pretty sure I'm done for the night now. Oh wait I see a cobweb... ok back. At this rate I'm going to have everything done by tomorrow night. Woohooooo.  I only have one little area left outside to clean up and it's not even too bad, (and the bathroom and my room in the house). Although I do still need to go to the store and get all the food. Not to mention the kids MIGHT want to actually have something to eat around here. 
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I was really bad today. I drank a diet soda. I was really bad yesterday too. I drank a diet soda. I've been craving them really bad. I stopped drinking them quite awhile ago "unless they had alcohol in them". Well I've pretty much had a few drinks every weekend so durning the week I'm having withdrawls. It sucks. I do have to say that today I had SO much energy after work. I don't know if it's from the diet soda or not but I'm guessing. So I suck. Hey pass me a diet coke will ya?
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We skipped football practice today. Amazingly the man didn't get all po'd when I told him we weren't going. I think he's finally getting it that it doesn't matter if we go to all the practices, they still aren't going to put him in to play more. Bastards. Not that the kid cares.
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While we were skipping practice I was outside giving my huge geranium a very bad haircut. I hope she forgives me. She looks just awful!

So the weather station isn't being very kind. It keeps saying RAIN for Saturday. Apparently they don't care that I have about 50 people coming over.

Oh and did I mention on here that they gravelled all the roads I take to work? Today? I have a nice crack travelling down my windshield. LOVELY. I will have to get it replaced before Jessica takes her driver's test in December. Kiss that $100 goodbye. Thank God for insurance!
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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh, I've had a lot of pop lately and it's not making me feel good. Usually I just stick to water but all of a sudden I just had a major craving. No good!

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