Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Adventure Part III

Well you are all probably tired of reading about the wedding. BUT I have just a little bit more!

Right after the wedding I took my shoes off, immediated stepped on something gross and then hi-tailed it back to the hotel to get the favors to put on the tables at the buffet. We got over to the buffet in record time and had everything set up. We were all sitting there when I decided to see what time dinner actually was? I pulled out my phone and checked the "itenerary" that my niece sister in law had emailed me a few days before. The dinner was at 6 and it was barely after 5. Lovely. The kids decided to go up to the room for a bit and Scott and I hung out at the slots right across from the buffet. It seemed like forever but they all finally showed up and we went in and ate dinner.



Dad, Mom, and my brother's friend Craig. Craig is HILARIOUS. Love hanging out with that guy!

Brother In Law & his girlfriend
This is how my sister in law and I salute eachother now. It works best after a lot of alcohol. Oh and that's my baby brother.

Cute Kids

Cousin Al and the crazy chick girlfriend who was not crazy at all this time. (I think she was embarrassed about last time too since she was pretty quiet all weekend)

Cousin Al was a great sport and spent the whole time chatting it up with the boys.
My brother's sure find some beautiful girls to marry don't they! (and look it's a good picture of me too!)

After dinner I went and changed my clothes. WHY did I wear nylons? Stupid. I wore them trying to suck in my gut a bit more (too scared to try spanx). By the end of dinner they were rolling down my stomach. NICE.  I was glad I bought a couple of cute going out shirts at Ross right before we left on the trip. We went down to meet up with my baby brother and sister in law but after a few minutes they bailed and went upstairs of course. So Scott and I had a drink and just played around in the casino. Eventually  it was time to go over to the club that they had set up for. We got there and there was hardly anyone in the place and the drinks were OUTRAGEOUS. $16 for 2 drinks. Crazy.
At one point I went up to the room to take my contacts out, which just happened to be the time that some bachlorette came in with a giant inflatable penis and knocked over someone's drink and almost got in a fight with my sister in laws. They ended up calling security over and escorting her out. And of course, I missed all the action!
When I got back the place was hopping. I finally dragged my sister in laws on the dance floor for a couple of songs but that was about it. It wasn't too much later when everyone started leaving so we just went out and played around some more. We actually ended up winning back most of what we had put out that day by the time we went to bed so that was pretty nice!
Sunday we got up and packed up our stuff, checked out, took our stuff to the car, went to the buffet for breakfast and then over to Circus Circus so the kids could play a little bit more and spend all their tickets on crap that will break in a day.
Then we loaded up in the car, Scott turned down the wrong way to get to the freeway, started to freak out a bit, finally got on the freeway (love the GPS on my phone!) where the kids were trying to kill eachother. We eventually had to pull off the freeway so we could rearrange them in the back seat. I passed out about an hour and a half away from home and woke up about an hour later. I was so glad to get home!!

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Lifeofkaylen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!!! I haven't been to a wedding in AGES-I missed two in the last few years and now I feel like I'm really missing out.
Um, cousin Al is a hottie. Feel free to send him my way. :)

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