Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Is Coming The Geese Are Getting Fat...

Whew I almost feel like singing Christmas songs. Just the other day they made me want to hurt someone. (do you know that song? My Mom always sang it and I think my Grandma did too)

Well today was pretty exciting!

I got  a Christmas Bonus at work.

I FINISHED my Christmas shopping (Started Saturday night).-took care of that "bonus" too haha

Cleaned up the kitchen and Melissa made dinner.

Made everyone help put the clean clothes away which got an hour job down to about 10 minutes.

Wrapped all the presents-this years code names are:


Not too original this year lol. (I make up fake names so they can't figure out whose presents are whose, this year they each have 2 names)

The kids helped me put ribbons and bows on them-trying to figure out who was what name the whole time

Washed 4 loads of laundry while I did all that

The last load is in the dryer and the laundry will be semi caught up (except for putting away). I have to physically go out and turn the dryer off now since it's ghetto style and has decided that it likes to just keep going (but blows COLD air so the clothes aren't even getting all the way dry sometimes!)

Someone has some REALLY bad gas. I'm thinking it's  the man, who is sleeping on the floor. I wonder how much his back is going to hurt tomorrow? He's been sleeping down there for a couple hours.He always claims that the mattress on our bed makes his back hurt, and yet he can sleep in the strangest positions on the couch, chair and FLOOR. Go figure.

I'm taking tomorrow off so I will be able to make cookies with the kids. I had thought about just not making cookies this year but it's TRADITION! I already had Thursday and Friday off but we will be busy those days. I'm pretty excited although we'll have to run to the store in the morning and get the supplies. Our favorites are

Mrs. Field's Cookies (at least that's what the chain letter from the 80's called them lol)
Peanut Butter Pie (brother Joey already requested!)

We usually make Peanut Butter Cookies and maybe Spritz oh and can't forget the Sugar Cookies although we'll have to go dig out the cookie cutters for those!

What's your favorite Christmas Cookie?Pin It


Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

Girl you are on top of things! Way to go! The secret names thing is brilliant! Have a lovely and blessed Christmas!
xxoo Ashley

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Wow you made me exhausted reading this.

My favorite Christmas cookie is a Pizzelle. I know you never heard of it. It's an Italian cookie that I love. It's like crack to me. So I didn't make them this year. :-)

Merry Christmas.

Jennifer Owens said...

I love the code name idea! Super fun - I'll have to remember that...

Have fun baking cookies - I think I'm gonna do some of that tomorrow. I love the sugar cookie with icing and sprinkles - hands down favorite at Christmastime. (o:

Chris H said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS CHICK.... I hope you and your family have a lovely festive season.

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