Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow and I, we don't get along.

As the weather turns to "winter" and people start talking about how they have to shovel and plow and the storms and the cold, can I just say..


(except for last year for an hour, and like that one time in 1974)

Yes, go ahead and throw your snowballs at me!
We used to have a yearly tradition of going to the snow every year on New Years Day. The kids would get snow boots for Christmas, since you know, they outgrow them by the time we go again every year. I think I got snow clothes at garage sales for the most part. Probably from all those people that fled the snowy places for our mild California winters.

New Years Day we'd all climb in the car or truck or whatever we were driving at the time and head up to the hills to play in the snow. It would take us at least an hour maybe two, I'm not sure exactly how long now, but it was a bit. We'd get up to where there was snow and start looking for a place to pull over and play.

Everyplace was ALWAYS on the left side of the road. Which requires us turning around to park along the side of the road. There would never be any place to turn around. Too many people. No place to park. Not a good enough hill. We aren't PAYING to go there...

The man would start complaining. I'd be trying to bite my tongue. It would be bleeding. I'd say something, he'd get pissed. We'd start yelling. Eventually we'd just pick somewhere that was "good enough" to get out of the vehicle.

The last year we went I decided I wasn't going down on the sled. I'm not sure WHY I didn't want to. I probably thought I'd get hurt and/or didn't want to climb up the hill. Plus Trevor was little so I had to take care of him. I remember CAREFULLY walking across the snow when BAM!! I slipped and flew UP in the air and fell SMACK on my back and hit my head.
I layed there stunned while people looked at me. I think I heard an "are you alright? while I layed there making sure all my limbs were working. Eventually I got myself up and made it over to a safe area to sit down. While I'm sitting there with my head throbbing the man decides he has to pee.

Which of course, there is no where for him to pee. It's the FOREST. He can't go anywhere CLOSE he has to hike back where "no one can see". Eventually he comes back and is panting and carrying on. He thinks maybe he's having a heart attack.
All I can think is that
1. We drove the truck that is a stick and I can't drive a stick and how the fuck are we getting down the mountain?
2. I can't even be in pain by myself.

Yeah I'm nice like that. So eventually he feels good enough that we can drive down the mountain and go home.
Now no one can remember why I don't want to go to the snow anymore.
Sounds like a fun day, no?
If I did live where it snowed I'd definitly have to make one of these, or at least send the kids out to make one ;)

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Jennifer Owens said...

I'm with you - I'm glad it doesn't snow where I live either. Though I'd by lying if I didn't say it would be super awesome to have a white Christmas - just once though. (o:

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You have described the "going to the snow" days of my youth and the reason I have never done this with my kids!

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