Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's finally looking a little bit Christmas around here

Well we FINALLY got the Christmas tree up yesterday. It only involved minimal cussing. For some reason the tree has about 2 more plugs than sections for the lights and it totally confuses me on how they are all supposed to fit together. After I got them all together, lit up, and the tree decorated I had to put the star thing on top and DUH that has to be plugged in too. I ended up pulling out an extension cord. It's white but you can't see it because there are a bazillion ornaments on the tree. I only broke 3 putting that star thing on the top.

The kids did most of the decorating. Not quite sure what's up with the cheesy smile lol.

:sigh: This girl is getting WAY too grown up. ELEVEN. She's 11!!

The finished product!

Jess helped too but I was forbidden to take pictures of her.

Rusty is completely confused about this whole putting things to chew up on the tree thing in the house. I put barracades in front of it this morning when I left for work. Let's hope they helped deter him.

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Chris H said...

Ha ha, I am now wondering if your dog has eaten the tree! It looks darn good too.. can you lend me your kids so they can do mine too????

Paula said...

Hi, I am Paula ... just want to comment on your christmas tree. It look beautiful!!!!!

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