Thursday, September 8, 2011

Senior Pictures :sniff:

Today I went and looked at Jessica's proofs
 for her yearbook picture. 

Her school had them go to this nice photography studio 
for their yearbook photos. 

At first I was all "phhhisshhh" $25? 
Just to take a yearbook picture?? 
What about the poor kids? 

Sounds like a scam to me. 

Which it is, 
because of course after you see all the beautiful pictures of your baby 
that is no longer a baby, 
you want to buy them.

Awesome hook up for the photographer eh?

Here's the one we picked for her yearbook picture 
and then a fun one with cap and gown.

 (Scanned from a regular piece of printer paper)

When they were taking the cap and gown pictures
I had to hold back the tears. 

I'm going to be a mess at the actual graduation. 

And just for fun
Me a few years ago


I gave birth when I was 12 you know


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Sara Strand said...

She looks just like you! :) Our school made us hire our own photographer, and my mom paid a TON. She wasn't thrilled, but loves the pics now.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm so old that we had the regular school photographer for our senior photo's.
Your daughter is like Mini-Me for you isn't she?

I just assumed you had her at 12yr. :-)

Chris H said...

Gorgeous photos of your girl... and OMG she looks just like you.
12? yeah right!
I was 10 then.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's so momentous, isn't it!

At our school you can have them take just the yearbook photo and they pick the one the use, for free--if you want to get to choose it's the $25.

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