Thursday, September 22, 2011

Xtreme Science Magic

Today I took Trevor to the library so we could see

XTREME SCIENCE MAGIC at the library.

I'm not quite sure how a child that loves science came from my body, but he does! Last week when we were visiting the library they had a sign up advertising for this event and he was all kinds of excited when I showed it to him and asked if he wanted to go.

When we got to the library the parking lot was already full but we didn't have to park too far away. Trevor ran ahead of me and went in and sat on the floor and I found a nice back row seat on the side perfect for sneaking a couple pictures and checking my Facebook.

The guy started the show off by shooting some things across the room. That got their attention.

He had quite an interesting show and called a lot of kids up to "help".

This was a trick that made a flame and a BOOM!!

Super exciting for little kids!!

He ended the show by making big smoke rings with a Rubbermaid trash can, table cloth, bungee cord and a fog maker. I'm sure we could entertain ourselves for hours doing that!

And as hard as I tried not to,  I just can't help but point out that this man has the biggest comb over EVER. DUDE! Do yourself a favor and just shave that thing off!  You might even get your own reality show or something :)

Unknown Mami
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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Lol I love that you needed to point out his godawful combover.

Claudya Martinez said...

Unfortunately, all I can focus on is the combover.

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