Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't Be Pointing At Me!

So yesterday I got a call at work from the school. Of course I was on the work phone while my personal phone is buzzing like crazy. I got off the phone and saw it was the school. I look at the clock and see it's 2:30, which means it probably isn't good news because

1.) no one could have missed the bus yet
2.) they already had lunch so no one forgot their lunch


3.) it's the school.

So I call back right away and it goes to the office, which
it does not matter what classroom the call was from. The office lady, I'm pretty sure hates my guts, but I always just try to be really nice to her anyways since that job has got to suck.

She said that no one called from in the office. About that time my voice mail went off so I told her I bet the voice mail will explain it. I hung up and listened.

I hear some shuffling noises.
Teacher in the background "what did you do"
Trevor: "Hey mom" (sounds really sad, almost like he'd been crying)
Teacher in the background: "what did you do"
muffled: "mooommm I bent Christian's finger"
Teacher: "tell her if you do it again you're going to get in trouble"
Trevor repeats what she says than says "talk to you later bye".

So I'm like well that was a bit awkward? Why doesn't the teacher just call me herself and tell me what's going on? It was time for me to go home anyways so I leave and end up waiting at the bus stop for the bus.

Trevor gets in the car like nothing ever happen. I'm like hey, so what happen today? You bent someone's finger? He gets a bit flustered and says "no... I BIT his finger".

And I'm thinking HOLY HELL!! They didn't even like suspend him from school for the rest of the year?? If my kid got bit on the finger I'd be totally pissed. Of course I'm asking him why he bit the kid's finger and he said that they were in their group and the kid stuck his finger in his face so he bit it. Nice.

So I called the teacher after I got home and told her how weird I thought it was that she had the kid call, although I could understand that was like a punishment, and how it was awkward on my end since I couldn't really even understand what he was saying. She said that he bit the kid's finger but the kid was ok (apparently he didn't break the skin or anything). She said that he also bit someone on Halloween. I was like um why aren't you calling me and telling me when things happen? And I'm surprised that you didn't send him to the principal's office? She said she did send him in to talk to the Vice Principal. I'm wondering why it isn't standard to send a note home when things like this are going on? Or email?

I talked to Trevor about what happened and grounded him from the TV for the rest of the day. Which of course I caved after a couple hours (I hardly ever ground my kids so obviously I'm not very good at it ;)) I think he got the message. Hopefully this is the last of this but somehow I doubt it.

The girls of course, thought all this was hilarious and started calling Trevor "Nibbles" every time they walked by. Gotta love big sisters...Pin It


Chris H said...

NIBBLES.... mwahhhh ha ha ha!
That is hysterical.

As for the biting. Yep, the school should have told you after the first time .... we have same problems here with school/home communication.

Brylee was a right little tart at school 5 times before they even bothered to tell me there was a problem.

Then they really got in my face and tried to take over and FIX her 'problems'... pfffffft. They got it all wrong of course.

Chris H said...

Know it all school teachers piss me off. the end.

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