Friday, November 4, 2011

For the love of God.

OMG I just got home from the dentist. I got a root canal today. I've never had a root canal and I pray to God Almighty that I never EVER have to have another one. My appt was for 2:00, I got there early and I walked out at almost 6:00. Most of that time was spent like this.

I had probably cried at this point. To say I cried a bit is a bit of an understatement.

They numbed me.
Then they numbed me some more.
Then some more.
Then some more.
Then I said just go fast.
and when he got in there he numbed it more and more.

Since when does my body not take to numbing?

I've been home an hour and it's already not numb anymore. I figured after all that I wouldn't feel anything until next week.

I got a subscription for Vicadin and filled it before I came home. I decided I'd try Smirnoff first so I'm about go in for my 3rd bottle. That stuff isn't that strong anyways....Pin It


Suburban Correspondent said...

I'm sorry, babe - I've had a few of those. The first one was the worse, because the tooth was infected. I cried during it and that made the dentist mad (I didn't use him again!). The next 2 weren't bad at all, because there wasn't any infection and the dentist was a genius at giving those Novocaine shots.

I loved the Tylenol 3 they gave me afterwards, though.

Jennifer Owens said...

OMG I have a major fear of having to get one of those done. The dentist terrifies me. I'm sure I'd be coping with as much pain meds as possible too! )o:

crittersandcrayons said...

oooh! Sorry about the root canal! I'm actually here to thank you for the comment you left on my guest post on Scary Mommy months ago- You had a good tip about doing laundry with audiobooks. Why had I not thought of that? Thanks!

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