Sunday, November 27, 2011

Random Sunday

Six hours til book club! All I need to do is take a shower, clean off the computer desk, hang up the curtains in the living room, clean my bedroom and go to the store. Piece of cake!

Scott worked outside on his big pile o'crap on the side of the garage. He was actually getting rid of stuff and just left to go to the dumps. My little boy is growing up!

Saturday when I got the mail Jess got her first college acceptance letter!! So exciting :) It's hard to believe I can have kids that are so old when I'm just a youngster myself.

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? I wasn't planning on doing any but my friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go to Penny's with her so I did.  I got a couple things, not too much. It's so hard to
buy for my kids. They mostly just want expensive electronic stuff. The days of lots of little inexpensive toys are OVER. Although I guess they could get sock and underwear!

Well that's about all the random so far for today! Trying to get myself motivated to finish up the cleaning (although I did get most of the computer desk cleaned off while I was sitting here.

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Chris H said...

Have fun at Bookclub chick.

Chris H said...

I know what you mean about the cleaning! I cringed at the dirt I saw today... skirting boards are the pitts! I shall have to attack them soon. *sigh* And omg under my fridge! Eeeeek.
AND THANK YOU for always commenting on my blog too Julie!
I am having a rant about comments and lack of comments... tomorrow!

Chris H said...

We be doing a tag team thingee here with the comments!

My SIL hired men to do most of the work... stripping walls, sanding, painting etc. But yes, she has done a huge amount herself too.... full credit to her.

When we saw her yesterday she was so RELIEVED she had an excuse to stop working for a while! Poor girl.

Orlando taxi said...

hey sweet be i think you really are not in a mood of shopping. well i think you are right that kids really need expensive electronic device. well most of the time i take my kids to some park or playing station type places to save myself from such demands and then make them some thing healthier so that they would feel happy from their mom that i am really taking good care of them.

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