Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Freaking Taxes

I just spent an hour how much we've paid out of pocket for medical stuff last year to try and see if it would help us on our taxes.

For out of pocket insurance=2323.82
For the Dentist and eye Dr =3725.96 (mostly Dentist)
For contacts and glasses=313.92

I didn't bother with the prescriptions since they weren't very much and those receipts are long gone thrown away.

After all that it didn't make any difference in how much we have to pay. Boooooooo. And the worst part? Scott didn't want to try and deduct our medical stuff because he didn't think it would make a difference. Freaking sucks when he's right.

I've already adjusted my W4 for next year so hopefully we won't have to pay anything then.
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Jennifer Owens said...

Ugh, we are in the same boat. We owe too. )o:

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You don't need the receipts from the pharmacy--just ask them to run a report for your taxes!

Annsterw said...

I hate tax time!!! I finally broke even this year though - that was a bonus for me!!!

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