Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Super Not Watching Bowl

Today started at 1:00 am. I woke up to the cat licking the sheet (anyone else's cat do that?) and my stomach hurting. I got up a few times and then went back to bed and eventually fell back asleep.

Up again around eight. Scott had to take his sister to the train station so it was Trevor and I fending for ourselves for breakfast. I found a muffin mix and whipped up some eggs and we were good to go.

Eleven came around and my friend picked me up. We went shopping and to lunch while our husbands went to a Superbowl party together. Neither one of us really like football so we made alternate plans and sent our youngest with the men. GREAT IDEA.

We went to the Lane Bryant Outlet store. We didn't get anything there, I can't see paying $30 for a t shirt I'm just going to stain up when I drop my lunch on my chest.  Then we went to JCPenny's and I got a few shirts ($6 score!)  to fill in my t shirt wardrobe and two nice tops to wear when I go somewhere nice. Figured I needed to get something to new for next weekend when we are supposed to go out dancing for my birthday!

Then we went to lunch at El Jardin. I got their fajita salad. It was pretty good but not as good as the Farmer's Den. I LOVE their fajita salad (and everything else they make).

After that it was off to Target to get some lunch supplies and then we came back to my house and visited for a couple hours.

I worked on adding some vintage pillow cases to my Etsy shop and now I'm ready for bed! Scott and Trevor just got home and said they had a good time at the party. I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm getting old, can barely make it to 9:00!Pin It


Melissa G. said...

When's your birthday? I'm a February 12 gal myself!

Sarah said...

FARMERS DEN!! YUM! I miss that place and that OH MY GOODNESS we ate to much!! Such fun lunches there!

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