Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tending Roses

Over the weekend I finished reading my book for the Christian Book Club.

Tending Roses turned out to be a very nice story.

Kate and her husband Ben go to stay with Kate's grandmother, Rose. They have a little boy, who has just had heart surgery not too long ago. They have a lot of bills piling up, Kate isn't working since she went out on maternity leave and Ben is a bit of a freelance worker so money isn't quite a constant.

So they go to stay with Grandma Rose, who has had a stroke at some point. She had had a small fire in the house and so the family is thinking that she's going to have to go to a rest home.

After Kate spends some time with Grandma she learns a lot that she never knew about her. Grandma teaches her a few lessons about living life in the slower lane.

My favorite quote from the book is

 "The secret to a happy life is not in getting what you want. It is in learning to want what you get.  Don't waste your time crying over what you're not given.  When you have tears in your eyes, you can't see all the beautiful things around you."

I think that's such a great quote. So many people put so much energy in wanting more instead of just being happy with what they are lucky enough to have.Pin It

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Chris H said...

I agree!
I just wish I wasn't such a shopaholic *sigh*

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