Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Phone Fun

I'm getting pretty good at exercising in the dark. Yesterday I did my couch to 5k day week 8 day 2 (cut the cool down short since I was home) and today I went out for a bike ride around the neighborhood. I finally got a new phone and I'm loving all these fun apps! 

On the left is (whoops I cut off the length of the ride it was 7 miles plus) and on the right is runkeeper. Both of them track your route, time and how many calories you are burning. 

Makes it a bit easier to add it to my Lose It! 

Oh and my newer phone also finally allows me to scan the bar codes of packaged foods. Makes it so much faster to get stuff logged in. Not that I eat that much packaged food but it's good for condiments even.

I'm having fun playing around with Instagram (follow me if you care to momtaxijulie) too. So many apps so little time!

Tomorrow is my final day of week 8 for running. I'm feeling a bit emotional about almost being done with it! One more week! Then what? Well I've downloaded the 5k to 10k app from and plan on moving into that. I'll probably die but at least I'll die trying right??
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FinnyKnits said...

Look at you go, woman! Also, hello gams - meow!

Unknown said...

Go Julie!! And look at those sexy legs! RAWR!

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