Monday, November 4, 2013

Party Weekend

Ahhh where I have been?? On the couch while my son hogs the computer!

My turn next!
   In a minute
I call the computer
   I'm already on it.

Sheesh. I haven't figured out how to post from my phone yet so here I am days later.

We had a pretty good weekend.

Friday I ended up hanging out with my niece Adrian and my mom. Adrian was SO excited when the girls drove up to the cabin. I wish I would have had her on video, it was so so cute. (stole these 2 pics from Jess)

Mom came over while I made everyone some tacos. The kids tortured the cat :)

Then we went over to my friend Traci's house so the kids could torture HER kitten. I swear that kitten is psycho. Cute but cray for sure. She totally growled at me. I guess she doesn't know I'm a cat person ;)

Saturday we went to Ava's 2nd birthday party. I can't believe she's already two! Seems like she was just born yesterday.

My sister in law decorated everything with a butterfly theme. It was really cute. They got a big jumper thing for the kids and they had fun playing in there for most of the day (just Trevor for my kids but the other little kids went in there).

(this pic taken by Jess)

We stayed for most of the day but we came home in time for me to go over to the club house where they were having a dinner. I didn't do the dinner but I wanted to go over there because most of my book club ladies were there helping Ginny celebrate her birthday.

(pinched this one off Facebook I'm guessing this was when she was surprised?)

I had a couple drinks and hung out with them until they threw in the towel and went home. Then I came home and drunk Facebooked. That's always fun.

Sunday I got up and went out and did my long run. ONLY 8 miles this weekend. I did a little walking after each mile or so. Just like 15 seconds of walking probably. I ate a lot of junk food and not much healthy food all week. I can feel that it is affecting me in my running. (drinking helped too I'm sure!) I need to make sure and get back to less junk and more veggies for the next two weeks.

I spent the rest of the day being lazy on the couch playing words with friends and watching movies. I did get all the laundry folded and hung up while I was sitting there though so that's like totally working hard while being lazy.

Less than two weeks now until my half marathon! I'm excited! I'm super excited to see my friend Tiffany who I went to elementary school through freshman year of high school with. She was my best friend for all those years. I've seen her once in the last 20ish years and we spent like 6 hours talking. She just signed up for the half Ironman in July. Talk about awesome (and motivating). The last time I saw her I weighed like 50 pounds more and did a lot of complaining about myself and my life. I feel like a totally different person now. Inside and out. 
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Annsterw said...

And you are a different person...but always amazing!!
You are going to kill the half!!!!

Sarah said...

That old Julie is far gone and now we have the awesome inspiring Julie! Rock that race!

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