Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Working on being as smart as a 5th grader

So did you survive your day back to work after that long three day weekend? Nothing like having a Monday on a Tuesday, but it's ok tomorrow is hump day already!

I spent all day working on rolling applications in the computer system. We're moving right on to 2014 people! I spend so much time working on the new year every year that by the time it changes I'm all confused. WAIT? You mean it's not ALREADY 2014?

The big deadline for people to turn in applications is Friday. That's always a fun day! My goal is to have all the old ones rolled over to 2014 by then so I can just work on the new ones. Fun stuff right there. YAWNNNN

OH I almost forgot!! My sister in law found out the gender of the babies!! It's a boy and a girl! At ;east we won't have to worry about mixing the up :wink:

After work today I went and picked up Trevor from band and then had to drive into town and pick up Melissa from "Home Ec" club. I'm still wondering what you do in Home Ec club. Is it like discussing how you can make the best cake? How to sort your laundry into a game so you don't go crazy while putting away 10 loads on your day off? Hmmm

I never took Home Ec when I was in school. I always took band and that ate up my elective slot.

After we got home we got out the homework and guess what Trevor has to study?

Yep yep. So I had him write all the states and capitals on a piece of paper and then did a little practice on a blank map.

I've ALMOST got all the states down GO ME! Maybe by next week when he has his test I'll know all the capitals too.

I totally don't remember studying the states and capitals in school. I'm pretty sure it would have been in 5th grade right? In 4th grade we made this big heavy map thing with a salt and flour mixture and painted it and put all the states and built up mountains on there. I tossed it sometime in high school.I think that thing weighed 20 pounds.

I was thinking about what I remember from 5th grade.I was trying to remember what was going on in my life that maybe would have effected my school studies. I was never great at studying but tended to do pretty well just by doing my homework and paying attention in class.

So 5th grade. My brothers would have been 1 and 3 and I'm pretty sure my mom was doing daycare at that time. I hated when she did daycare. All those kids always in our house and mom was STRESSED OUT.

The only good thing about it was when she watched some kids my age and I had someone to play with. Shawna and I totally rocked a routine we made to "Let's Hear It For the Boy"

Maybe we had better groceries too. I don't remember any of the monetary benefits but I'm sure there was some. Maybe we had a few less groceries out of the yellow and black aisle (remember when that's how they did the generics?)

Anyhow, 5th grade. (my mom totally did my hair, that's why it looks like hers)

My teacher was MS. Rodacker. Not to be confused with Miss or Mrs.

We started off the year in one classroom  (a portable) and then moved into our "real" classroom partially through the year.

Counting Campbell's soup labels. We collected them and the class that got the most got to have a pizza party or ice cream party or something like that. Not sure if we won but I remember sitting on the floor counting labels.

Listening to a Presidents record. I think I got the first 4 memorized before I'd start tuning out.

My teacher was all into astrology and space. She LOVED space. Like really. She had applied to be on the space shuttle. Lucky for her she didn't get picked.

My friends parents told her she didn't have to do astrology because it was against their religion. The teacher LOVED that.

We had computers in our classes.

She wouldn't give me an A+ for handwriting but she'd give Scott Cunningham an A+. I pretty much hated him for that.

We made a class recipe book and that's where I got the Peanut Butter Pie recipe from.

Playing on the bars at recess. A LOT.

Julie Campbell falling off the bars and knocking the wind out of herself and us carrying her to the office (where was yard duty?)

My friend and I getting out of being in class for "recorders" because we told the music teacher it gave us a headache.

OH and we did a musical that year! I think that was the year. OMG no idea how I got a singing part. This girl CANNOT sing well haha. At least it was a duet of sorts with my friend Laura. That was fun. "I can't get along with out music.." That's about all I remember of that.

Yep, that's about it. Notice there isn't too much I remember about LEARNING.

So anyhow, I'll be learning my Southern US States and Capitals this week!Pin It

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'll be miss smarty pants. I can fill in a map of the US with all the states. Capitals, only 1/2.

Home Ec was mandatory when i was in school. I loved it. My senior year we learned about leases for an apartment, security deposits, etc.
It was basically living, cooking, sewing. I loved home ec. We had boys in home ec too and they were so much better at cooking than me. I offered to pay a kid named Gary, to make my meringue for a pie. He always got straight A's on his pie meringue's. He said no. Mine ended up floating in the middle of my pie. I got a C. :-)

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