Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Friday night was so nice!

Melissa went to a friend's house after school. Jessica was recovering from her trip and Trevor was just doing his own thing.

I ate Lucky Charms and a bag of chips for dinner and then we went down to the little store to meet up with my friend for a drink. We stayed there until they closed (9:00) and then went over to our little bar here in the club.

When I first started going down to the bar I used to be so nervous to talk to people. We have lived here for twenty years and I have really just started to know more people in the last four or so. I think a lot of it is that now I'm not as self conscience about myself so I'm a little bit more outgoing. Plus I've kind of developed the philosophy that if someone doesn't like me that is their own problem.

So when we went into the bar I actually know just about everyone in there now (and that's not JUST from going in the bar, these are all neighbors too) and I had a great time visiting with everyone. We stayed until about midnight. Well actually I stayed and I had to take Scott home about an hour earlier because he was exhausted and starting to fall asleep sitting up while I was walking around talking to everyone haha.

Poor guy, getting up at 3:30 am is not for me that's for sure.

Saturday I got up early because I couldn't sleep and did some cleaning and decided what we were going to have for dinner that night when my dad and step mom came over for dinner.

I ended up making stuffed shells, a big salad and cinnamon roll cake. I didn't take any pictures. What kind of blogger is that?

Scott got up and made us breakfast and then I went to the store, picked up Melissa, made up all the food and cleaned.

We had a really nice visit!

The highlight of the night though was when the girls were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden one of them said "omg what was that" and next thing I know everyone is screaming and this little gray mouse went FLYING through the air and then ran under the couch.

That story is going to be one that gets told over and over. Still makes me laugh my ass off. Totally gross and but yes, we live in the country and sometimes we get mice. The traps have been set lol. But really why do these kinds of things only happen when you have company?

Freaking hilarious though!

Apparently we aren't going for a bike ride today (Sunday) which is fine with me. I'm still wearing my night gown and think I'll go finish up my book.

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Chris H said...

MICE! Eeekkk, I would have been jumping up on the couch screaming! I hope you catch the little buggers... get a cat! Do you have a cat already? I can't remember. Maybe your dog can become a mouse catcher... lol

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