Wednesday, February 12, 2014

40th Birthday Party!!

This post is like 3 days of working on it lol. Something keeps making me stop but I've finally finished it!

Saturday morning, my birthday, I got up and spent some time being lazy playing on the computer and Scott got up and made us breakfast.

He was a nervous wreck about getting the house and everything ready for my party and I was like la la la I'm just going to drink and be merry!

But then I decided that maybe I should put away the 10 loads of laundry in the bedroom and clean my room up a bit more. Oh and then maybe I should um sweep the floor in the living room because it doesn't look like anyone is doing that. Dust a bit. Sweep the floor in the kitchen and bathroom. Change the cat box. Wipe off the counter and clean the top of the stove.

I jumped into the shower and the kids were blowing up balloons and decorating. The balloons kept popping and it was really freaking Rusty out.

Next thing I knew knew he was climbing in the shower with me haha. So funny I laughed my head off!

Birthday party outfit from Ross. I love Ross!

Birthday cup made by my friend Dee!

The party was set to start at 2 and our first guest came right about that time. Before long we had a house full of people! I hardly saw Scott at all because he was outside BBQ'ing in the sprinkling rain for almost he whole party.

Trevor and my nephew Tony

My niece Ava on my rocking horse

Nieces Adrian and Ava checking out the fish and frog

Jess and I

Carolyn stealing my cat (I call Buster the company cat, he LOVES hanging out with company)

My book club friend Ginny brought me a cane haha. Too funny! I'm going to decorate it and take it back to her house when we have book club.

Ginny is the one that is an artist and look what she made me

I am going to take it to work and put it on my desk if I ever remember.

My friend Kristin, my sister in law who is pregnant with twins and my brother.

My other sister and law and other brother :)

Step dad and mom


Oh look Jello Shots! with my friends Lupe and Carolyn

and work friends Kristin, Jessica, Tammy and Fanny

Cake! I thought for sure Scott was going to get me an over the hill cake to get me back for his but I got a nice one. Thank God we've finally finished eating it. I've had cake every day since last Friday.

There were a bunch more people that I didn't get pictures of. WHOMP WHOMP. Hopefully my mom got some pictures with her camera. I might get them in like 4 years when she takes them off ;)

After most of the people left we went down to the bar. Jessica got us to play a game of pool. All the years I've been out here I've never played pool. It was fun and super exciting that I actually got ONE ball in haha.

Lupe, Me, Traci and Shannon

We closed the bar out but I have quite the stash now at home. I think almost everyone brought a bottle of something for me.

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Melissa G. said...

40! You look so young... and skinny! The picture of you and Jessica is like sisters rather than mother/daughter! Happy Belated Birthday!

Retro Girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Love that collage picture your friend made you - it's awesome!

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