Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So I've done day 2 and day 3 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge now.

Day 2? NOT a walk in the park. It was a good work out and I was surprised how some simple exercise you can do at home with no extra equipment needed can really get your heart rate up!

I spent a little bit of time and blinged out a calendar for myself. I really enjoyed marking off my days last month for the 31 day shred challenge so figured I'd do it again this month (the calendar not the shred-oh no not the shred).

Day 3 is 45 minute of cardio and also 4 miles on my calendar for my half marathon training. Hey, good deal! I actually ran about 1/4 of a mile more than it says here. I've been taking the dog around the block and then dropping him off at home and then going back out and finishing my run. I forgot to unpause my runkeeper after I dropped him off and didn't realize it until 1/4 a mile down the road. 
I came home to fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. So far I've only eaten one. I think I should probably just go to bed so I don't eat anymore right?  
I worked 8 1/2 hours today. I have so much work to do. I worked 8 hours all last week and got told that was nice but they might run out of money to pay me at the end of the year if I do that a lot. Um well ok guess then I'll get my vacation right? Sheesh. Can't win no matter what. 

Everyone is all excited about the new farm bill being passed. Which is awesome BUT OMG the work load I may have is horrendous. Lets just hope someone somewhere figures out how to do some things to our antique computer programs that allows some changes to made so that I do not have to re-enter 1000 applications into the "new" farm bill. 

Tomorrow is my first birthday celebration! My friends and I are going out to sushi after work. My birthday is Saturday and I'm going to be the big 40! Fucking old I tell ya. Better than being dead though so party on!

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Runbunsoff said...

Happy Big 40!
I'm on day 3 of the bikini challenge and my buns are sore! I skipped the burpee exercise.. it's just too much right now.
Love your calendar idea. I just keep track in my workout journal but might have to make it more fun to check off the days I do this challenge. I still need to lose 10+ pounds and am having a hard time staying away from Ice cream and cookies. Ugh...

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