Saturday, February 1, 2014

30 Day Shred Results and On To February!

Yesterday was the last day of January which meant it was also the last day of doing the 30 day shred. I had made the challenge for myself to do the video every day of January. Last time I did it I didn't lose much but I had remembered how strong and accomplished I felt doing it. 

Much like last time I didn't lose much! I am actually up 1/2 a pound and did not lose any inches. I only missed one day for the whole month. Not too shabby on that part!



I've also continued on my runstreak and I have ran at least a mile every day since Thanksgiving. I need to do a run today, and tomorrow? I'm going to take a rest day.

This month has been one of the most stressful emotional months for me. Life just likes to throw shit at you sometime just to make sure you're still breathing. I think having these challenges for myself has actually helped me to keep my shit together a bit. Honestly I might have gained quite a bit if I had not had these things to focus on.  

I've slowly been gaining weight since last year when I was training for my first half marathon. All those miles of running make me HUNGRY.  That is part of the reason why after this next half marathon I want to just focus on making my 5k time faster and not so much on distance. 

I know I need to buckle down and concentrate on my food choices. I do really well when I'm organized and plan out our meals and do meal prep. Sometimes I just get tired of doing it though and I'm like aw f'k it I'll just get Subway. And then I go into Subway and it's $5 foot long. Might as well get a foot long because it's cheaper and then before I know it I've ate the whole thing and a bag of chips. 

Ah this weight loss thing, it's not so easy sometimes.

So onto February! Time to make a calendar and make a plan! I'm trying to decide what my plan will be. I haven't been to the gym all month and I think I'd like to find some kind of lifting plan to do. I'm also doing my half marathon training for my half in March. Work has been crazy busy and is not going to calm down anytime soon.  So ahhhh trying to find the balance. Still working on that.
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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Good luck to you and your fitness.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Japolina said...

I found your blog through suburban correspondent. My name is Julie and I could also be called Mom Taxi Julie

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who does not instantly slim down when exercising. I started an intensive hiit class last year and not only did I get injured I also got fatter. I felt stronger but when I stopped working out to heal, I got even fatter.

Now I'm just walking and riding a bike and keeping my calories low and the weight is slowly starting to come off. I do find on exercise days I'm way hungrier. UGH

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Chris H said...

I'm like you... in a not so good mood, out goes the diet!
You have done so well.. keep it up!

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