Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where's that track I'm trying to stay on it....kind of

I totally just decided to screw the run for tonight and do it tomorrow. Which is fine really since I ran yesterday and did my little Bikini Body Mommy work out tonight. "Little" meaning short and painful. Which is nice, really.  When I got done I was all YEAH MAN, I'm going to go for my run now. Then my phone battery only has 2% and it's already 9:00 (pm) and I'm kind of tired and need to scoop the cat box. Oh and un-bury my bed of the six baskets of clothes I tossed on there when I was looking for a clean sweatshirt for Trevor. WHICH I didn't find, but hey we found one of his dad's that worked just fine.

It's all about making the bus people.

ANYHOW, I'm through day 16 on the Bikini Body Mommy challenge thing and I'm really liking it. (I did day 15 tonight and 16 yesterday, I'm going to swap the run/exercise days since I like to run mon/wed/fri or sat).

The work outs change up a lot which is really nice because you aren't doing 10 days of the same exercise and want to punch someone's face off. Also she is doing the challenge and making you tube videos as she goes so sometimes I will watch those before I do the exercises myself to see how she dose them. She's gained some weight back because she had another kid. Yes, she's human, it's awesome. Well not that she gained weight, but that she's just like everyone else.

If I could just curb the eating crap thing I'd totally be looking bikini like in 45 days. IF. Today I had a burrito for lunch and then tonight we went out and ran some errands and Melissa was really wanting to go to our favorite little Mexican place so we had Mexican for dinner and I kind of hate myself right now. But just look at this. Isn't it beautiful?

The whole idea of eating a salad makes me want to gag. Which is about normal for me after eating healthy for any length of time. I get so tired of eating the same things over and over (unless it's Mexican food apparently).

One of my friends keeps doing the Whole 30 challenge and I think that's what I need to do. What I will probably end up doing tough is the Whole 20 since Um VEGAS. Yeah.

Can't go to Vegas on a diet.

Nope, not going to happen.  Although if I started before the 1st I could get the 30 days in. Hmmm something to think about (quickly). I just feel like my eating has really gotten out of hand and I'm just entering all the crap I ate into Lose It at the end of the day and like eh yep kind of close to where I was supposed to be or eh oh well back at it tomorrow.

Keeping this shit off long range is the freaking hard part. Which yes, I totally know from past experience. I thought just being active would do it but yeah, not really. So time to get my ass in gear again. :smacks self:Pin It

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