Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fun Times

I forgot how much fun it is to ride bikes with my kid. When I first started exercising the two of us would go out and ride. Somewhere along the way we stopped going together and then I stopped riding my bike around the neighborhood all together.

I've pulled out the old rusty Wal Mart mountain bike that I used to ride before and  have been riding that again with Trevor (the roads are too rough to ride the fancy road bike).  We've been going out and riding 5 miles every night after dinner, every day this week.

One thing I remembered real quick. When you ride when the sun starts going down there are a lot of bugs. We had to stop to make sure we got bugs out of our eyes at one point last night.

We tend to divide our neighborhood up by lakes. We have 3 little man made lakes. We have the church lake, the lake by Grandma's house and the lake with the hill. The lake with the BIG hill, which somehow does not seem big at all now that I've actually rode my bike up a mountain, is Trevor's favorite spot to ride. We go around that lake 3 times every night.

As we were going around we saw little kittens and OMG they are so cute. I'm sure they are wild rip your face off feral cats but they are cute to look at. Every time we would go around they'd either be running across the road or sitting on the side playing. The last time we went around the mama cat was out there and they were all nursing on her. Trevor was saying how if we go by and one is squished in the road he's going to be really upset. Lets hope we don't see one squished any time soon.

The night before we saw a big owl fly out of a tree and across the sky. It was kind of awesome.

Yesterday I signed us up for a 25 mile bike ride. It's in 3 weeks. I think he'll do fine since there are plenty of rest stops. It's not a race so no need to hurry and we can take breaks. Plus it's on really flat ground so it shouldn't be too hard! I'm kind of excited to have him do the ride with us.

I also signed myself up for the 2 mile run that is in the morning before the bike ride. We'll see how well that works out haha.Pin It


Chris H said...

Feral cats are vicious! I am sure you will do just fine with a small run before your bike ride.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yay, good luck with the bike ride and run!

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