Saturday, September 6, 2014

Color The Skies

Last Saturday I went to the Color The Skies hot air balloon festival to run a 5k. I left with plenty of time, or so I thought until I was almost there and there was a huge line of cars for several long blocks. Apparently the festival did great this year.

Eventually I got to the parking area and paid my $5 to park (total pet peeve to pay for parking when I also paid to run a race, I hope some charity got that money). It was ohhhh at least a mile to where you checked in to run. Then of course I got a bag of goodies so I had to hike back out to the car to drop it off and then walk jog back to the area where the race was starting.

Oh and the parking lot? Full of goat head stickers. I didn't have time to sit and pick them all out before the race so I just drug my feet around and hoped for the best.

The air was kind of muggy and it was HOT. The race course is an out and back down a little road with almond orchards on both sides.  I ran about a mile and then I gave in and started walking a bit. 

My time was super crappy compared to last year's almost sub 30 race and I couldn't help but feel disappointed in myself. But then I was like eh, at least I'm out here and running right? If I keep at it, eventually I'll get back to where I was. 

This year they had finisher medals for everyone, which was really nice. I still need to get some kind of hanger to hang all mine on. They are stuffed here and there.

This girl I met recently does tons of runs for the medals. Is it weird that I get more pumped up for the times than a medal?  I guess that's my competitive spirit.

A little sweaty selfie before I left haha.
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Chris H said...

Ummm... what are goat head stickers? I've never seen or heard of them.

Annsterw said...

I love the medals! That's a cool one! I too have never heard of goat heat stickers.....?

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