Friday, December 26, 2014

Doing The Double

Sunday morning I got up at the butt crack of dawn to go run the Double Road Race in Pleasanton. I went over to my old trainer Tanya's  house where we were going to meet with one other gal Heather and all go together. I got there and we waited a bit and no Heather. She called her a few times but she wasn't answering so we went without her in Tanya's car.

We were almost to the race when Heather finally picked up and WOKE up haha and amazingly she still made it to the race in time.

Before the race we did  the usual bib pick up, take the bag of junk to the car (honestly at this point I'll never need another t shirt) go to the bathroom 12 times, etc.

I got to meet up with my friend Esa who was also running. I met her online on the fit camp group that I used to be really involved in. I borrowed my friend Traci's cute little hat from the night before.

I thought we were just taking a picture here lol

The Double Race is 2 races in one. The first one is a 10k and the 2nd is a 5k. Depending on how long it takes you to do the first one determines how much "down time" you have between the 2 races.  Everyone was doing this race but me. I chose to do the new "Christmas Double" that was a 5k to start with and a 3k for the 2nd half (so an 8K total) I had about 1/2 an hour between races. It gave me enough time to get a water, a banana, and to go sit on the corner and watch for the 10k'ers coming in.

This maybe why I like Tanya so much haha. I really miss having her as a trainer.

I ran the 5k in 31:32, which isn't all that fast. I did do a little bit of walking towards the end because I was kind of feeling out of breath. The 2nd half I did in 16:42, also with a bit of walking. I was pushing myself to try and stay under 10 minutes but it was hard! I actually ended up using an inhaler when I got home because my chest was feeling so tight. Not sure what was up with that. Overall I was pretty happy with my runs though. I got 10th place in my age group for the 5k and 6th for the 3k and 12th for my time combined. That's pretty good for a race in this area. I'm also thinking that most of the faster runners ran the larger race so that helped haha.

On the way home we stopped by Panera because they wanted some coffee. I just got a water and a delicious bagel. When I got home I slept on and off for the rest of the day. Such a slacker but it felt good to rest!

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