Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gingerbread Party 2014

My sister in law had her annual Gingerbread Party. The invitation comes from my niece Adrian, which is adorable. There were a ton of kids at the party this year! They kind of came and went in stages. Here's the beginning.

My niece Adrian is on the right with Ava behind her.

Melisssa, Tony & Trevor being a brat and not looking for me

Finished houses. Ava didn't want to take a picture because she wanted to play with the Candy Land game that was on the floor. As I get older I'm enjoying the defiant kid pictures lol.

Of course we played a lot of babies. They are getting bigger and a lot of fun to play with now. Even if they do puke on me every so often.

Emma and Melissa

Emma and her mommy Michele

The kids playing pool right before my brother came to rescue his felt lol

Mom and the twins. They loved the print on her shirt.

The kids got so rowdy that they all went outside to play for awhile. My sister in law said next year she's going to budget in a bounce house. All that sugar while making their houses all hit at once haha.

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Chris H said...

You are just so lucky to have family to be with often. I don't really, just my kids and half of them are at war most of the time!

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