Saturday, December 20, 2014

Running and Cookie Eating

Well I am caught up on all the "big events" of the month! Tonight we are going to a Christmas dinner down at the club house. The tickets were $20 each so hopefully the food is good haha. (yes I am cheap, I admit it!)

After Thanksgiving I fell off my Mayo Clinic Diet and then seemed to go into carb binge mode. Horrible. I have eaten many cookies, desserts and all the food. I have pretty much gave up until the New Year. Ah 'tis the season right?

I have however kept on with my running every day, although mostly I've just been doing one milers the last week or so. It's been raining almost every day. Not that I'd melt in the rain but running in the rain just kind of sucks. And as you can see by all the posts I just did that we have something almost every day of every weekend so I've been doing a "quick run" to get it done before we go onto whatever.

Today will be day 118 of running. Which, is kind of amazing to me, even though some are short, it still takes a bit sometimes to get out the door and do it.

Tomorrow I'm going to go "Do The Double" although I'm doing the shorter version they have this year. It's a 5k and then after a little break you do a 3k. Totally do-able!

I've also signed up for another half marathon in October of next year. (see side bar) My friend Sarah is really good at talking me into doing half marathons with her!

Ok off to go run and shower so I can go do a little bit more Christmas shopping before the dinner. Scott and I went out last night and got some stuff but I still have a little bit more to get done. Tick Tock Tick Tock the time is running out.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I have been in a carb mode too what the hell is that? I don't normally care and don't eat 'em unless the carbs are veggies and fruit. Weird. I told Rick I was going back on my diet and he said, "wait until the new year." Yep me and millons of others will be dieting come January 1st. :-)Merry Christmas Julie.

Chris H said...

I am sure if you keep exercising over the holiday season you should keep your weight under control.
I'm going into serious diet mode right after Christmas.

Sarah said...

I am off train mode and in binge mode this week. reality will set in as I start the group train for the half in March. SO STOKED I get to do two races with you this year!! WOHOOO!!

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