Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jessica's Visit The Last 2 Days

Sunday was probably my favorite day when Jess was here. Just the two of us went shopping. First we went to Old Navy to get her some work pants and then we went to Ross. We had a great time trying things on like the good old days. I think that's really what I miss the most about her being here all the time. We had a great time shopping together (even though we don't always agree on what's ugly lol)

After we were done shopping we hit up Jamba Juice and then went and picked up my Mom to go to Modesto with us. We went to the mall and then out to an early dinner at Mimi's.

After dinner Jess was busy talking to her girlfriend on facetime so I went down to see my friend Traci and hang out on her dock. Traci's other neighbor and our friend Bridgette, my Mom and Traci's husband Tom were there too.

Ahhh the best way to end a night!

Monday we decided to go BOWLING! Something fun we could all do as a family. Apparently all I need to do to make my other 2 kids competitive is to add Jessica to the mix. They actually tried to knock the pins down this time instead of seeing who could get the most gutter balls.

After bowling Scott and Jess were going to do the batting cages but it wasn't working. So we took Scott home and then went over to my Mom's for a bit and ended up laying a few games of Mr. Mouth (one of my favorite games from when I was a kid, this one is almost the same, I found it at a thrift store)

and then the girls played a few games of pick up sticks.
Then we went and borrowed Traci's paddle boat. The kids kicked me off first than Trevor lol It was pretty windy so hard to get anywhere.
We hung out with Traci for a little bit and then went home and got Scott and went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Trevor opted to stay home since he had had enough family togetherness for one day.

(the older I get the more I look like my Mom I think?)

Before we left the girls and I took some pictures with the timer on Jessica's phone. I'm pretty sure I need to frame some of these!

Tuesday morning we were out the door at 3:15 am to take Jess to the airport. So early. So sad. We are hoping that maybe she can come out for a visit for New Years. I might have to take a trip to see her before that though!

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Chris H said...

Awww what gorgeous family times and photos. All your kids are gorgeous. And yes, you do look like ya Mum, and that's not a bad thing.

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