Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jessica's Visit Party Time and S'mores

Saturday we had a party so everyone could come over and see Jess. Originally I we were going to BBQ but Scott still wasn't feeling 100% and it was like 102 outside so I decided to just get pizzas from Costco instead.

 My Aunt Cheryl and cousin Chelsea

My step mom, dad and nephew Ricky who was here visiting from Arkansas

Loving up on the twins, Vincent on the left Emma on the right

My brother Louie's family

Melissa and Vincent

My mom making her cry

I had the dogs outside in the dog pen but brought Snookie in so Adrian could play with her for a minute. Vincent was SOOOO excited about her! Snookie had fun for a couple minutes but then wanted to hide on my lap.

Next door neighbors Steve and Joyce

Tony &Trevor

My friend Traci & mom

My friend Allen and his daughter Chloe who is going to make him a Grandpa in January

Aunt Corine

And a bunch more people that I got side tracked and didn't take pictures of. 

Later we went out to light up the fire pit and make s'mores. I put on some bug spray and then carried out the marshmallows and got a mallow man tattoo totally on accident. How funny is that?

We had fun making s'mores around the fire pit

Until everyone got too tired

and the a few girls that came over slept in then tent  and I went inside and passed out from exhaustion and happiness :)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh I bet this was so nice to have Jess home.
I must admit I love your tattoo Julie. :-)

Chris H said...

You do have the best get togethers. I want a fire pit now! The marshmallow 'tattoo' is funny.

Annsterw said...

What a great time! Loves smores and you really should have that tatoo made permanent! Ha!!! The twins are adorable!!!!

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