Tuesday, July 19, 2016

23rd Anniversary

This year was our 23rd Anniversary (way back on June 6th).

My day was pretty shitty due to cough-children-cough so when Scott mentioned going to the really good margarita restaurant I was like "sign me up!". So we went out to eat, and I had a margarita (maybe two I don't remember lol) and shared a fried ice cream for dessert!

Talk about the bomb! My eyes were jacked up from crying all day and I just wanted to rip my contacts out so after dinner we went home so I could take them out.

We decided to go sneak over to the dock but my friend Traci and her husband were walking down there too and she ran back and got us a little champagne bottle. Fun! 

We were blessed with a nice sunset and Traci took some cute pictures of us. Another year in the books!

 Some years are harder to make it through than others but we've been together so long now it would  just be weird if we weren't lol.

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Happy Anniversary - late. :-)
Yes, some years are harder than others. I think it's kind of like a roller coaster.
But I am still smitten and on the days I don't like him I have to remember that. :-)

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