Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Catching up from the Weekend

Well it's Tuesday.

I totally did not watch what I ate so I have nothing good to report on that. Maybe next week. I need to take my lunch to work, I know that would help a ton.

Saturday I met up with my high school friends Audra and Twila. Audra was my best friend in high school then we grew up and aren't as close anymore but I still love her company whenever we do get to hang out every few years (she was also my maid of honor when I got married.) Audra, Twila, Cassandra and I all used to hang out together at school, mostly for lunch. I remember eating at school until I had a car then we would all pile in my car and go eat lunch usually at a park. A lot of times I remember going to the grocery store and getting one of those big muffins and a soda or whatever. I don't know how we managed to do all that on our little lunch periods!

Anyhow, we met in Lodi at the The Dancing Fox for lunch. We got a bottle of some yummy champagne to share. I got a french dip since I was too busy talking to pick what I wanted to eat and just had to pick real quick since everyone else was ready. It was pretty good!

I can't believe how fat I am. It's amazing how fast I can gain weight. I need to stick this picture on my wallet for every time I go to buy crap food to eat.  

We only hung out for a couple hours. When I got home it was just Trevor and I since the girls were both camping with their boyfriends (in seperate places) and Scott went to the A's/Giants game.  I piddled around with my fabrics and put together a couple little "kits" for my Etsy store. We'll see if they ever sell.

Pretend they are straight like I made them 3 times for this post.

Sunday I did laundry all day and played with fabrics. I ended up cutting out some more triangles to make another banner or two. I have the triangles sewn together and have been working on pinking the edges but I think I need to get my pinking shears sharpened or get another pair since they aren't cutting as well as they could be. 

Sunday nights dinner was Skillet Shepherd's Pie (minus the parmesan cheese that someone ate)

Yesterday at work I finally finished going through the old papers that have been haunting me for months as "something to do" from my boss.  It felt so good to finally get those done. 

Now I'm working on this giant stack of files. Scanning them and saving them into folders so that I can upload them to a site online. Seems pretty dumb to me since that stuff is all online somewhere already anyways. It's all policy type stuff for the most part. Whatever, gives me something to do and it's an organizing thing so it makes my brain happy. Plus I get to shred them when I'm done so that is always a plus to get rid of more old papers at work. (I use the recycle bin as a table since it's next to the copier/scanner)

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and Jess made dinner. Chicken Nacho Bake. I used to make it years ago and it's like her favorite meal. I don't think I've made it since the last time I made it for her, probably before she had moved to NC. I'm pretty sure hers turned out way better than the version I used to make.

After dinner the kids made up a fire and we had smores. My mom was out at the cabin so she came over too.

and look, it's still hot forever.

Guess I should go cook some dinner! 

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Annsterw said...

Hi Julie!! Thanks so much for checking in!!! It is amazing to me also how fast I gain and how slow it is when you are losing-totally not fair!!! You look adorable in the picture with your friends though - I love that shirt! Looks like you all had so much fun!! That Shepard's Pie looks absolutely delicious!! YUMMY! Get em next week - I agree that taking my lunch to work definitely helps also! Hugs

Chris H said...

YUM... YUM... and we have never done 'smores'... we have just toasted marshmallows. You fullas put them between crackers or similar eh?

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