Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Covid Craphole

Well Tuesday is almost over and I missed Monday entirely because I have been slammed at work. I know! It is either feast or famine around here.

So this weekend they had the board meeting and my 1/3 lot expansion was approved. The septic guy went today to try and get the permits at the county and they said they will need a lot line adjustment first before he can do that. Which is weird since I don't pay taxes on my lot I pay taxes only on my house. It's like mobile home park with houses where I live. So now I have to figure that out. I called down to the club office and left a message but no called me back. The office ladies don't seem all that smart on a lot of things so we'll see how this goes. It's open again tomorrow evening so I'll call again. If they don't know I'll have to ask someone from the building committee maybe.

Fun times.

So SUNDAY Scott decided to take the air conditioner out of the wall. Did you know we have record high temperatures right now? Over 100 for more than 10 days is the forecast. Scott called me in to show me what was under the sheet rock and all I could see was that he took the air conditioner out. I may have plotted his demise.

I went for a ride with my friend Cassi to Safeway so she could pick up her Fed Ex package that they said was there (but wasn't) and to get out of the house so I wouldn't have to go to jail. When we pulled in the parking lot a bunch of people were looking in one direction. Turned out they were waiting for the police because someone left two little chihuahuas in the car with the window open like an inch. Now I've heard of people doing this but I never seen it happen. It was the car next to us and there they were.

I ran in the store to get a few things I wouldn't have to cook for dinner and while I was in there they were paging for the person with the two puppies in the red car to come out because the windows were going to get broken. When we came out there was a police officer there talking to the young woman and the windows were rolled up and the AC on in the car. I just can't believe how dumb people are. Didn't even try to park in the shade and it was 108.

We passed Scott on his way to Home Depot on our way home. The man didn't even have the supplies he needed to put the AC back in how he wanted before he took it out. When he came back he was like "it's not even that hot in here". uh yeah.it.is. Luckily it didn't take him too long to get it back in the wall and turned on.

But that night was miserable. I finally got up after a couple hours and went into the living room and Scott had turned the AC OFF. Like wtf. I turned it back on and hours later was finally able to go to sleep.

Snookie was overheating at 5am and I had to get up to get her wet. Before I did that she crapped all over the bathroom and kitchen. Yeah! Fun. I put her in the sink to cool her off and she finally calmed down and fell asleep after that.

Now we have fires in the hills not too far from our house from the lightening storm on Saturday (that was fun with Rusty). It is so smokey outside, the air quality is horrible. We are just living in a miserable Covid craphole.

Oh wait there is more! PG & E is doing rolling black outs because it's so hot it's "overloading the grid" with everyone running their AC. Uh we've been running ours all summer...

Now Aunt Flo showed up to make the party even better.

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