Friday, August 21, 2020

Days of Our Lives

Like sand through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives.

Yes yes we do live in soap opera world. This year for sure haha.

Well by the time I was off work yesterday I had to take an anxiety time out/nap. Around lunch time there was a evacuation notice alert sent to people's phones for wayyyy over there but everyone was freaking out. Freaking out is contagious. But we are all fine, it is just really smokey out. I was thinking we should rent a house in Oregon or something for a week to get out of this craphole. I'd have to take my animals with me though, can't leave them here. Hopefully they won't get sick from all this smoke.

The oval here is where I'm at. It doesn't look that far on the map but that red is like a huge mountain range to put it in perspective.

The smoke last night, TG I have a working inhaler

Last night I went to the building committee meeting to get whatever it is that the county needs to allow the septic guy to get the permit. I'm still not entirely sure what it is that I need but there are two guys coming out to measure the lot today (they are late already, we'll see if they show up). When I got to the meeting no one was wearing a mask. I sat as far away as possible, debated on waiting on outside (but yeah smoke), and then just sat there thinking well this is how I will get the Rona.  I ended up sitting right next to one of the guys while he helped me. The price I'm paying to get this shitter fixed up is crazy. I may have posted about the lack of masks on my FB page. I'm friends with a lot of neighbors and club members so hopefully there will be some pressure put on this committee for the next meeting for everyone to be wearing masks. I didn't want to just be a "Karen" during the meeting so I guess I just did it afterwards lol.

I did get to see my house file while I was there. Snapped a couple pictures of my original blue prints. The building permit in the file is February 1952 so most of my house is at least that old. I'm pretty sure I saw my house on a picture from the late 40's once though so I think maybe there was a bit here before they made it official. My bedroom was added on in 64 I think.

Where the porch is drawn on this is where I am sitting right now. It is not a porch it is a room. I think a lot of times people acted like they were going to put on a porch and then slowly enclosed it to get around the size limits they have on the houses out here.

Waiting for all the emails today (again). Yesterday was a lot slower than I thought it was going to be. My friend had invited me to go with her to San Diego but I told her I was too busy with work to take off. If I sit here doing nothing all day today I'm not going to be happy. Although I don't think I could leave my animals here just in case something happened and we had to get out of the area.

Here's to a less smokey weekend. The fire is like 10% contained right now. I hope by some miracle it stops burning soon.

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

God earthquakes, fires. I think snow is looking good.

I think running away for the weekend might be just what the doctor ordered.
Be safe Julie. I hope this passes soon for you guys!!!

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