Thursday, August 20, 2020

Random Thursday Thoughts

What is this? Well it's not Friday that's for sure.

Yesterday I had to revise my spreadsheet to help my boss keep track of stuff and OMG we are never going to get done with all these contracts that have to get obligated. We aren't even close. I guess I'll be busy as long as the emails keep coming to me haha.

I got some cleaning done yesterday, ahhh it's so nice to clean up clutter. I can't wait until my whole house is organized again. It's been so long! Hopefully we can get the little reno work in the living room done soon. The kitchen and entry way need a new floor too since the tile is all broken. Pretty sure we are going to go with linoleum for those. I HATE tile with a passion. Hindsight is 20-20 on that shiz.

I think I confused everyone and you guys think we don't have air conditioning? We do have a wall unit in the living room, which is usually fine until it's 110 for 20 days in a row. We have a small house so it does a pretty good job if we have fans on to help direct the air flow. The problem is if someone keeps turning it off ;)

Scott said he not only had a piece of metal in his eye he also had a piece of wood! I guess it would have been a splinter. So gross and painful yikes. I'm glad he went and got it taken out. (he's fine now)

Last night I got all these ninja turtle masks sewn up. Now I just have to sew up some Star Wars for an order and then I'll be back to sewing for me. I have a few more masks that I had cut out just to sell to finish sewing too.

I need to start planning Jessica's drive by baby shower. My yard is a disaster. I was trying to work on pulling out all the Bermuda grass out of my hedges but now I can't really even be outside with it being so hot and too much smoke in the air. Might just have to start with taking the hedge trimmer to them and cleaning them up a bit while I'm waiting for the apocalypse to be over.

I was watching some videos last night of people evacuating in Salinas (by Monterey where we always go to vacation and day trips) and Santa Cruz. So, so sad. They are doing evacuations not that many miles away from us but they are like 3 a highway, freeway and quite a few big water canals distance.  Just looked it up it is 14 miles away. The Del Puerto Canyon Fire is the one near us.

This evening I need to go to the building committee and get some paper that is supposed to be what the septic guy needs for the county to get the permit. I guess I'll have to put some real clothes on for that.

Ok that's it from me, have a good day everyone!

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