Monday, August 24, 2020

Monday Monday la laaa la la laa la

Good morning, happy Monday! Is anyone else as tired as Tina? I know I am. All weekend I slept until 9 am. Either I'm really tired or my body just naturally wakes up 3 hours later than I make it during the week.

This weekend I pulled out my Halloween fabrics since I've had a lot of people ask for them. I ended up getting orders for all of these

and this is what I've made up so far just to offer up. I figured I'd sew like 5 of each print I have to have available. I spent most of the day Saturday cutting fabric. I cut up all the Halloween fabric I had except for the tarot cards and the pumpkin/candy corn fabric. I have enough of that one for probably 100 masks, so that one is going to get to sit on the shelf for a bit!

This is what Scott got done this weekend. He only got one splinter that he eventually got out (I swear he needs bubble wrap). It took him several hours to go to the dumps and Home Depot. Over an hour for him to get into the dumps since they only had every other dumping stall open. Seems ridiculous. Like you can park in every stall at Wal Mart and the grocery store. 

He worked on doing some rewiring (moved the internet and cable lines)

We've now removed every wall of sheetrock in our house. The only ceiling left is the one in the living room which he is terrified to do because it has blown in insulation. I wish he would do that one too since it's all funky.

Just a bit of ripped newspaper in the wall. Tracy Press from 1971. I still want to look at all the pieces but I haven't got around to it yet.

Looks like my boss didn't work all weekend so only a bit to do this morning. Also I had 3 Etsy sales over the weekend. My poor store has been so neglected. I really need to spend some time on it.

Looks like the hills are still on fire. It rained a tiny bit last night but it is still super smokey so I don't think it did anything.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

My goodness you are living in a construction zone. You're a better woman than me.
I like the halloween masks. I am boring and just wear a black one. Wash them, back on.
I hope the fires stay far away from you!!

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