Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Mad World

Good morning! The septic guys started super early this morning (7am). Currently there is someone in a trench about 5' down in the ground laying pipe. My best spot to sneak a picture is from my bedroom but someone is usually facing me lol. Yesterday they cut out pretty early and said they were going to go buy some supplies. They took my $4k down payment with them to do so. So grateful I actually have the money to pay them right now. The guy said they should probably be all done on Friday.

I spent all day yesterday sewing. Currently working on a batch of masks. Got all the light colored ones done and half way done with the black thread ones.

My neighbor has a friend visit him every day and the friend just lets his dog roam around the whole time. It spent about an hour in my yard on and off yesterday. Pretty annoying. I'm really starting to like the idea of fencing my whole yard off. STAY OFF MY LAWN just kidding (kind of)

I'm sure most of you watched that horrible debate last night. I think that is actually the first debate I've watched in entirety (yes I know, I should be more of an adult). What a shit show eh? So embarrassing we have a president that acts like a 5 year old. I really think the way he acts has trickled down to every day people and everyone thinking it is ok to just argue about everything all the time.

Trevor and I have a dentist appointment at 4:30 today. I am going to borrow my daughter's car. It has no air conditioning. Pray for me.

I called my dental insurance yesterday to ask about the only covering deep cleaning half your mouth thing. I don't know where the dentist office came up with that bullshit since the insurance said that is not the case. Going to point that out when I go in today. If it wasn't for Trevor having an appointment too I wouldn't have wanted to come back to get half my teeth cleaned. So weird.

The county I live in finally moved to a new tier in the Covid world.  Hopefully we'll stay there for a bit and not go backwards. Forward would be even better. I think people are seriously starting to lose their minds. I wonder if I'll actually go back to work in the office 5 days a week this year? I work in the next county over and they didn't get to switch tiers yet so they are a bit behind.

Hope you all have a good day, don't argue with people over stupid shit!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie so happy to see the septic men showed up. This will be over soon - yeah!
I get my windows installed tomorrow. yeah!
I did not watch the debates. I knew it would be him trying to bully, name call and shout. I heard that is exactly what it was. He's an ass.

My dental office pulled the same crap about the deep cleaning. I am getting a new dentist!
No air conditioning? Your poor daughter - isn't she pregnant? oh dear!

Julie H said...

@Peg, yep they have 2 cars and both don't have the air conditioning working. TG it will be cooling off soon but then they'll need the heat lol.

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