Thursday, September 24, 2020

Power Less

Here is the fancy breakfast Trevor made us yesterday. It was very good! No fancy breakfast today because they are supposed to turn off the power in 1 minute. We'll see if it will actually go out or not.

I'm hoping not since I said I'd go into work if the power went out since I can't do any work without the internet. Not that I have any work to do with the internet at home right now.

Yesterday I finished off these masks. I sold all the camo but one of the gray ones I think plus have to make up the rest of the green ones that people have now ordered.

The rest of the evening I worked on my pink scraps. I looked through my box and I have a bag of brown, green, small bag of dark blue and a bag of white left.

Rusty was really clingy for a couple mornings, TG this morning he isn't acting up. He's acting like there is a thunder storm or something. But there is nothing. Kind of hard to work with this big beast in the way lol.

I called the septic guy and he said they will do it on Friday. We'll see if it actually happens. He said it will take a couple days so I'm assuming that is taking it into next week since it will have to be checked by the county for the permit sign off. SOME DAY it will be done.

Ok getting off here in case the power goes off mid type. Have a good day!


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