Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Pretty Fabrics

Happy Tuesday!

I spent most of yesterday wrapping fabric on boards. I got these 2 boxes done

Left to do:
big box of reds, 
big box of whites,
small box of misc prints
added: Holiday prints

I have about 50 boards left, I think I'll work on my Holiday box next (mostly because it's on top of the stack of boxes haha)

Still trying to decide on a plan to sell some of these. Thinking maybe doing like a group of 1/2 yard pieces in a small bundle and then putting them either on eBay or Etsy. That will require me to cut them, then store them cut though so IDK lol.

I have one tiny work thing to do so far today. Everything is a slow trickle. I signed up to go into the office all day on Thursday so I'll be busy then. I have a ton of packets to get out but that requires to be in the office to print and put everything into the files and then mail out a packet.

Trevor and I went for a long walk again last night. If he wasn't there I wouldn't have went and I definitely would have bailed after a short distance. My back was really hurting (and my hips too). I'm so out of shape it is pathetic. I stopped once to stretch for about a minute and then stopped again at my friends dock and laid on her bench for a minute to relax my back (that helped a lot). Sitting on my ass so much has not been kind to my muscles lol.

Well here's to a good productive day, hope you all have a great one!
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